You get to hold and pet live Puffin

Westman Islands walking tour

Meeting a live Puffin included


This tour to Westman Islands gives you the best chance to

experience Westman Islands in a  low budget price, You get to hold and pet a live puffin. Unique, personal  and local experience of Westman Islands.


Our meeting point is at the harbour by the ferry and we will start our walking from there. The tour takes you trough the history of the eruption in 1973 in big parts, and we will also give you a little small town feeling while we walk through the town.  In the end you will be taken to the aquarium  where you can pet a real live puffin.




Tour details


 Meeting point at the harbour where we will meet and you will

                receive a map and other useful information about Westman Islands.


√  Hiking with local  guide, starting from the harbour.


√  Sæheimar ( where you can pet alive puffin ).

Westman Islands

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Westman Island

Viking Tours will sail with you around Westman Islands (Vestmannaeyjar), the trip takes 1,5 hours and gives you a look at colorful ocean caves, the newly formed volcanic island of Surtsey, and the lava coastline. 



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Westman Islands

The exhibition focuses on the 1973 volcanic eruption in Vestmannaeyjar, without a doubt one of Iceland´s biggest natural disaster. Visitors get a glimpse into peoples lives on Heimaey before the eruption that would change their lives forever.



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Westman Islands

Sagnheimar Folk Museum was redesigned with the fact in mind to make the museum interactive and modern. The museum both touches on and displays the most historic parts of Westman Islands history.





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